Shame on Philadelphia – City of Brotherly Love?

The video above was published by CBC The National on June 28, 2014 ….. listen to what David Harris Smith says at the 4:22 mark.

Created by David Harris Smith of McMaster University and Frauke Zeller of Ryerson University, hitchBOT was a Canadian “hitchhiking robot”. HitchBOT was designed as a social experiment to explore the relationship between humans and technology.

He was well travelled and gained international attention for successfully hitchhiking across Canada and in Europe. However, a recent attempt by hitchBOT to hitchhike across the United States ended in tragedy.

In mid July 2015, hitchBOT started his U.S. adventure to cross the United States from Boston to San Francisco. His trip ended abruptly and violently on August 1, 2015 by vandals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

CBC News reported that fans outraged worldwide and CTV News reported hitchBOT has been damaged beyond repair during US tour.

How could anyone destroy something so innocent and adorable. And what does this say about human nature?

Follow hitchBOT Twitter.

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