Spanish Joe Groundhog Day Prediction

Spanish Joe Groundhog Day Prediction

Spanish Joe, waking from a deep sleep, rubbed his eyes with his little paws, slowly rolled out of bed (hey, you don’t think this famous groundhog lives in the ground do ya?), and put on his slippers.  Looking outside, sipping his wild grass tea, he said, “that sure does look cold out”.

After throwing open the front door to greet his special day, he slipped on the ice, falling into a huge snow bank. Staring up to the sky, he looked down to make sure he didn’t break his darn leg, and there it was…… his dreaded groundhog shadow.

So it’s official……. six more weeks of winter!

I heard him mumble “how do these human types live in such harsh conditions” …. OK, there may have also been a few additional choice words, such as #*%&;#* and @&;*#*%, but Spanish Joe tries very hard to remain a family rated groundhog LOL

So Spanish Joe limped back into his warm house, kicked off those slippers that most likely caused him to slip on the ice, made a prank phone call to Punxsutawney Phil, slipped into his nice warm bed and went back to sleep, vowing not to wake up until all this @&;*#*% snow disappears.

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