Spanish Joe – the World’s only psychic Groundhog!

Spanish Joe Time.jpg

With Groundhog Day just around the corner, we have recently had a few requests on what Spanish Joe has been up to.  He has been very comfortable in his retirement the last couple of years, but due to popular demand, we will see if he would like to make this his new home.

Who is Spanish Joe?

Spanish Joe resides with his spiritual medium, Rick, in beautiful downtown Spanish, located on the North Channel of Lake Huron.

Joe lived quite happily in the Ottawa Valley until one sad day when he was run over by an Environmentalist protest bus, apparently he was hit with a “green” “piece” of that bus. Shortly afterwards Joe was put under Rick’s care and it became apparent that Joe has a direct link to the spiritual world. Joe is able to pass on such messages from the spirit worlds which are interpreted by his spiritual medium. Joe gives predictions, readings and is sought out by various news media. In 1992 Joe moved up to Spanish with Rick and hence…. Spanish Joe emerged and he has amused the locals since!

I do hope to add his numerous past newspaper articles and recommend you read them, they will certainly give you a good woodchuckle or two.

….. stay tuned!

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