Little Moose in the Big City

Bullwinkle T. Moose arrives in New York City

Greetings and welcome to the tale of the little Canadian Moose that arrived in New York!

Mister Moose was sent by Extraordinaire and loving Chipmunk Mom Kathy to visit with foster Mom Laura of Metro Retro Vintage.

Mr. Moose has decided to write an open letter and travelog to his mom Kathy.

Editors note: The original story was written and created on May 12, 2008 by Laura

How did this all begin?

I sent this moose as a gift to a dear friend of mine, Laura.

Much to my surprise, she took these pictures to go along with the letter she wrote to me (on behalf of the moose of course LOL).

I found it so cute I wanted to share with my friends here!

….. and so it goes……

Dear Mom:

I wanted to let you know that I’ve arrived safely and am enjoying my stay.  The plane ride wasn’t too bad, but only got two chintzy bags of peanuts!


I was really starved for a good pondweed burger with a side of conifer fries.

Luckily after my arrival, my foster mom fed me a big bowl of Cheerios and

a hot mug of mochaccino – so that hit the spot.

I’ve recently met the resident creatures…….

Meeting the residentsEditors note:  Pictured sniffing Bullwinkle is Coconut the Bunny who is known to enjoy wearing a bit of “bunny bling” on occasion (human mama sells vintage jewelry).

Sneaking up in the background is Pooky the Kitty!

There's Pooky   Meow!

<———- The hairy fur-cat seemed fascinated with my antlers and kept trying to bat them ………………………………..and I would have sworn I felt a claw.

I scared him off with my karate moves and a couple of Bruce Lee yelps.

Who knew cats flew? Heh heh.


The white bunny liked nibbling at my toes, which tickled ———->

………………………………………. and even got a little frisky!

Love is in the air?

We cuddled a bit, but I just hope she understands that this is platonic.

After all, I’m not quite ready to settle down yet.


<———————-I visited the wooded mountains where I was quite the chick magnet

………………….among the deer.

Lots of pretty does and fawns, but alas, no she-mooses in these parts!

Sigh. I think I’ll sign up for the “Moose Lodge” dating service and
“Swinging Elks Club”.

Taking in a little Culture!

Taking in a little culture

So far, I’ve gone to a Mets game ———————>

where I threw back a couple of brews

and some tofu dogs.

Signing Off

I plan on visiting the city sites, and working on my tan some, so please don’t worry about me.I’ll be sure to look both ways before crossing the street, and promise to eat all of my spinach.

Please send a shout out and bellow to my forest buddies.

Slobber and kisses from your favorite homey,

Bullwinkle T. Moose
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