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Roasted Orange Cauliflower

I had been hearing for years about the different coloured cauliflowers, and wanted to try them, the orange cauliflower in particular.  I know this is probably old news for most, but you see, we don’t have the best selection up … Continue reading

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Chinese Pork Filling with Chinese Noodles

I have always loved Chinese wontons, my favourite with pork filling, but they are just so much work. Face it, after making my pork filling, I just do not have the patience or strength to make and cook all those … Continue reading

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Who made my adorable banner?

Why Steve, that’s who! And who is Steve? Steve is a very talented graphic artist with a wonderful sense of humour, who I met online.  He often generously gives of his time and talent and makes graphics for us image-challenged … Continue reading

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My Personal Diary to Quit Smoking (for nostalgia)

This is a personal daily diary that I wrote when I decided to quit smoking.  I hope it may give you an inspiration to quit if you have not made that choice yet and are still thinking about it.  I copied … Continue reading

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Little Moose in the Big City

Bullwinkle T. Moose arrives in New York City Greetings and welcome to the tale of the little Canadian Moose that arrived in New York! Mister Moose was sent by Extraordinaire and loving Chipmunk Mom Kathy to visit with foster Mom Laura … Continue reading

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Ginger Carrots – a special side dish for any holiday meal

Make your stand-by side dish just a little more special I have made this carrot side dish for every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for years. Of course you could add this to any meal because carrots go with just about … Continue reading

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